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Children's art takes center stage

Welcome to See Your Art! We work to ensure that the unique, creative expressions of children and young people are recognized and showcased in the best possible way. Here, you will find digital exhibitions, information about the project, and a toolbox with our best tips and ideas.


Save the date: September 6-28 we have an exhibition in Lund

On September 25, we have a final seminar at Stenkrossen in Lund



Children's Artistic Creation
- A Path to Democratic Development

Children have the right to their forms of expression and children have the right to take up space in the public sphere. Their artistic creation should be taken seriously. This also applies in the context of exhibitions.


By finding professional forms and a method for creating and exhibiting children’s art, we increase the chances of making children’s voices heard and enhancing their participation. This contributes to increased self-esteem and thereby interest, willingness, and greater opportunities to engage in community development.


See Your Art wants to be a driving force in this. We let children’s genuine ideas and thoughts take center stage!

In our digital gallery, you can view past exhibitions. Here, you can also exhibit your own artworks.

Impressionism - Spyken, ES23a, 2024
Frida Kahlo - Trelleborg kulturskola 2024
Skulpturlek - Tomelilla kulturskola 2023
Dalslundskolan: Plastskulptur 2019
Humlemadskolan: Plastskulptur 2019
Se Din Konst: Hässleholm 2023

See Your Art – What a Journey! Save the date September 6-28!

In the heart of Lund at Saluhallen, you will embark on a magical journey of discovery when over 200 children from Skåne showcase what they have created on the theme “Journeys.” The former restaurant facing Botulf Square will set the stage with painting, sculpture, mixed media, and sound art. The children come from 9 municipalities in Skåne and have created art in various settings such as cultural schools, primary schools, special needs schools, libraries, associations, and the Culture Crew.


Exciting interactive activities will be available in the exhibition space. More information coming soon!

Workshops in Connection with the Group Exhibition In connection with the exhibition, we have invited artists to conduct a series of creative workshops open to everyone. During the opening days, September 6-7, the circus themes will be led by Johanna Rehn with the workshop “Circus Star.”


Thereafter, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, workshops will be held by young artists. Tuva Lundborg, Leonora Sjödin, and Jona Grahm will hold workshops on themes such as Landscape – inner journeys, Outside the Train Window, and Movement – Animation.


Seminar: Children’s Place in the Art World – The Right to Expression, Impression, and Participation On September 25, a seminar will be held at Stenkrossen in Lund. Participation is free of charge. More detailed programs will come later, but we can already reveal that among the speakers will be representatives from Finland’s Villa Arttu – a major art center for children. The seminar will in various ways highlight the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in practice. Secure your spot now!

Exhibit your art in our digital gallery! Have you created an exhibition that you have documented? Or have you done an art project you want to showcase? Then you are warmly welcome to contact us, and we will create a gallery for you here on the website.

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