Eslöv's School of Culture

At Eslöv’s School of Culture, art students develop their interest in art. They explore their style and create based on their own desires and interests. Through guidance, students have the opportunity to delve deeper and explore techniques and intriguing questions.


During the art course, they also work together on various themes and organize their own exhibitions and installations. The art course opens up a fantastic world of creativity and expression in all possible forms.

Lund School of Culture and Linero Youth Center

An art educator from Lund’s School of Culture leads a creative workshop for young people at the Linero Youth Center. There, they have the opportunity to create at their own pace, exploring colors and shapes on their own terms. The group consists of a core of returning students, with new participants occasionally joining.

Lomma School of Culture

In the Creative Workshop, it is important to listen inward and seek one’s own thoughts and desire to create. The educators guide but do not determine the theme. The idea process should take time, space, and lead to the students’ own expressions.


Students in grade 4 at Emanuel School, led by their teacher Pidde Nilsson, create art based on their own thoughts. The students received an inspirational lecture from Tiina Nilsson, an art educator at the meeting place Navet. The students’ own interests are important, and it is essential that they control and influence their own works.

Association Colors

The association works with children between the ages of 6 and 13. Most of the children come from Syria. They create based on various themes, often using recycled materials. They express their thoughts when they draw, paint, and build. There is a lot of imagination and creativity here!

Trelleborg Museum and School of Culture

In Trelleborg, the museum and the school work closely together. Students have access to various artistic techniques to create, including graphic arts. Within the “See Your Art” program, they work with different graphic techniques such as relief printing and intaglio. They create images and patterns on both paper and fabric.


The Culture and Recreation Unit in Osby Municipality works for a meaningful leisure time for children and young people in the municipality. Young people in Osby’s Culture Crew participate by creating a local art exhibition. Works from this exhibition also contribute to the “See Your Art” exhibition in Lund.

Bjuv School of Culture

In Bjuv, the art students of the School of Culture, under the guidance of Anna Soneson and in collaboration with Humle Rosenqvist, cultural coordinator, are given a great deal of artistic freedom under supervision.

Tomelilla School of Culture and Tomelilla Art Gallery

In 1989, the Tomelilla School of Visual Arts was founded, making Tomelilla one of the first places in Sweden to start a visual arts school for children. Today, the Visual Arts School is part of the School of Culture’s activities. The teaching is based on an art-historical perspective. Working with art is an exploratory journey into the world of imagination, thought, and emotion. We aim to stimulate children’s creativity, desire to create, and ability to observe and produce their own images. Each year ends with a large exhibition at the Tomelilla Art Gallery. The theme for the exhibition is decided together with the children, and the artwork is reviewed by the children themselves.

Hässleholm Library and Special Needs Primary School T4

Students visit Hässleholm Library and create art for exhibitions within the “See Your Art” program. They explore various techniques at their own pace and with the support of educators. The tactile elements are central, focusing on how different materials and colors feel and creating different expressions. Students work thematically, for example with “My Room” and “Seasons”.

Association Art Form in Lund Municipality

Joyful and creative creation without performance! Art Form is a non-profit association that offers art, drama, and theater courses for both children and adults in the vicinity of Lund municipality. Art Form was founded in Torna Hällestad and has grown over the years—we now have groups in Dalby, Södra Sandby, Veberöd, and Genarp! We want to create a space where participants can be themselves or find themselves among like-minded people. A creative space where the act of creating and the desire to create is at the center, where we throw performance and demands in the wastebasket.

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