About Se Din Konst

What is Se Din Konst?

A four-year project working to make children’s and young people’s art visible. The project started in October 2021 and will continue until September 2025.

How does Se Din Konst work?

We work within a network of municipalities in Skåne. Together, we collect and document experiences and good examples of how children’s art can be given greater and better space in society. Great emphasis is placed on children’s participation.


During the course of the project, we create a large annual group exhibition with art by children from the network. Additionally, we compile this website, which we hope will be a source of joy and benefit for everyone who wants to work to make children’s art visible.


The project is not accepting more participants at this time, but please follow us by subscribing to our newsletter.


The following municipalities participate:




The participating children come from cultural schools, museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, special needs schools, Culture Crew, and associations.


Who is behind Se Din Konst?

ABF MittSkåne and the Cultural Association MedVind jointly run the project.

Who finances it?

The project is financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. MedVind has a location at Stenkrossen in Lund, supported by the municipality of Lund.

How will the project continue after the project period ends?

See Your Art is creating a plan for hosting exhibitions after the project’s end. This way, actors in Skåne will continue to create public exhibitions with children’s art.


Read more about Se Din Konst in our news archive.

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